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SANRAL is not conducting road-blocks)

Date Title
24 July 2014
23 July 2014
14 July 2014Deviation of the R21 north-bound carriageway near the R23 (Benoni) interchange: Tuesday 15th July 2014
14 July 2014N7 Melkbosstrand Interchange opens for road users
14 July 2014Temporary road closure on N7
13 July 2014Several provincial roads in Limpopo declared as national roads
10 July 2014
9 July 2014Temporary lane closures on the R21 South-Bound about 400 meters from the R23 (Benoni) Interchange: Sunday 13th July 2014
1 July 2014SANRAL extends safety  initiative to road freight industry
11 June 2014From Ancient Rome to modern South Africa
5 June 2014Successful SANRAL bond auction ensures that the road agency remains on track in serving South Africans
4 June 2014SANRAL seeks to clear misinterpretation
3 June 2014City of Cape Town cannot abdicate responsibility for Nomzano evictions
2 June 2014SANRAL Statement in response to ASA ruling
2 June 2014Constitutional Court dismisses DA’s application
2 June 2014Media release by the South African National Roads Agency SOC Limited on 2 June 2014
26 May 2014SANRAL is not introducing new tolls in KZN but considering an alternative method of payment
21 May 2014SANRAL raises R500 million in yet another successful bond auction
19 May 2014Striking workers not SANRAL employees
15 May 2014Improvement on national N7 section 4 between Trawal (KM42.0) and VanRhynsdorp (KM75.5) Closing of National Route 7 - Notification of blasting operations in hard rock cuttingfs
14 May 2014Department of Transport extends grace period discount to allow road users to pay outstanding bills by 30 June 2014
11 May 2014Watch out for hoax messages on e-tolling, says SANRAL
09 May 20142014 Toll Tariff Adjustments
28 April 2014E-toll taxi registration update
26 April 2014National route 9 section 7 (N9/7) has been rehabilitated for free flowing traffic
 Notification of road closure of the N6 between Queenstown and Jamestown
17 April 2014Notice to the public: The rehabilitation of National Route 8 between Kloofeind and Walter Sisulu (Haldon) Interchange
17 April 2014SANRAL raises R500 million in a successful oversubscribed bond auction
17 April 2014
SANRAL calls for responsible road behaviour on South African roads this Easter Season
16 April 2014
Fraudulent use of SANRAL name and logo
15 April 2014
Opening of the N1 route through Ventersburg
11 April 2014
Traffic Advisory: Traffic disruptions on Nellmapius–bridge during April and May
8 April 2014
3 April 2014
SANRAL DOES have cash
1 April 2014
1 April 2014
26 March 2014
24 March 2014
19 March 2014
19 March 2014
13 March 2014
13 March 2014
7 March 2014
7 March 2014
7 March 2014SANRAL CEO calls upon progressive professionals to support the government's National Development Plan and to continue shaping government policy
6 March 2014
5 March 2014
2 March 2014
1 March 2014

28 Feb 2014
23 Feb 2014
22 Feb 2014
21 Feb 2014
21 Feb 2014
21 Feb 2014
18 Feb 2014
18 Feb 2014
17 Feb 2014
16 Feb 2014
13 Feb 2014
05 Feb 2014
04 Feb 2014
02 Feb 2014
02 Feb 2014

30 Jan 2014
Hawks lauded for swift action
26 Jan 2014
E-toll complaints not the norm
24 Jan 2014
SANRAL disappointed by second attack
24 Jan 2014
22 Jan 2014
Update on incident at the SANRAL operations centre
21 Jan 2014
21 Jan 2014
19 Jan 2014
16 Jan 2014
15 Jan 2014
15 Jan 2014
13 Jan 2014
09 Jan 2014
09 Jan 2014
08 Jan 2014
07 Jan 2014
07 Jan 2014

23 Dec 2013
22 Dec 2013
17 Dec 2013
11 Dec 2013
06 Dec 2013
06 Dec 2013
03 Dec 2013
03 Dec 2013

29 Nov 2013
29 Nov 2013
28 Nov 2013
26 Nov 2013
21 Nov 2013
20 Nov 2013
15 Nov 2013
13 Nov 2013
12 Nov 2013

30 Oct 2013
SANRAL conducts  construction work on the N2 from Hibberdene Interchange to Mzinto River
30 Oct 2013
18 Oct 2013
11 Oct 2013
09 Oct 2013

17 Sept 2013
12 Sept 2013
06 Sept 2013Moody's downgrade expected says SANRAL
03 Sept 2013

29 Aug 2013
27 Aug 2013There is no causal link between e-tolls and the price of goods
26 Aug 2013 SANRAL responds to the DA’s fallacious claim thatRR473.2 million will be spent on communication to e-tolling account holders andtransgressors
25 Aug 2013SANRAL astonished by OUTA entering the political fray in defence of the DA
24 Aug 2013SANRAL sends condolences to the Ndlovu family after the passing of its former Chairman
13 Aug 2013

Expansion of the capacity at Le Roux avenue to reduce traffic congestion in the area
11 Aug 2013SANRAL disputes DA's assertion that SA's e-toll model will follow Portugal's failure
08 Aug 2013SANRAL invests in the future of young mathematicians
04 Aug 2013e-Toll: most motorists to pay very little
04 Aug 2013 SANRAL: tolls on very few roads
04 Aug 2013
SANRAL refutes DA’s claim

26 July 2013
New Toll Tariffs Released in Swartruggens
26 July 2013
Traffic delays as a result of wind farm construction
25 July 2013
SANRAL’s Non-toll portfolio is healthy
23 July 2013
Constructionof R24 through Rustenburg
23July 2013
Resumption of work at Umgeni Road Interchange
11 July 2013SANRAL welcomes the appointment of Minister Dipuo Peters
09 July 2013SANRAL advises of construction delays on R37 and calls for road users’ patience and cooperation
04 July 2013Sanral receives engineering excellence awards
03 July 2013We care for the poor, says SANRAL

24 June 2013Sanral says calls for probe not new
14 June 2013SANRAL surprised by call for documents
12 June 2013Strike delays road project at Umgeni Road Interchange
12 June 2013
Toll revenue not going offshore
10 June 2013Tolling is good for the economy
10 June 2013SANRAL welcomes DA’s OUTA donation
10 June 2013 IBTTA Announces 2013 Toll Excellence Award Winners
05 June 2013SANRAL welcomes OUTA’s support
04 June 2013SANRAL’s e-toll internationally recognised
03 June 2013Convenient E-tags now just a click, call or s step away

24 May2013
23 May 2013DA quotes fuel levy study incorrectly
23 May 2013DOT and SANRAL take another step towards e-tolls
23 May 2013SANRAL one step closer
23 May 2013DA gets it wrong - again
21 May 2013SANRAL respects court’s decision
21 May 2013Tolls will not affect poor Cape Town communities
17 May 2013Roadworks on National Route 2, Section 21, between (km 26 and km 28): Kokstad to Stafford’s Post
16 May 2013Lane Closure Advisory- N3 - Buccleuch interchange
14 May 2013SANRAL to upgrade Mount Edgecombe Interchange
14 May 2013SANRAL welcomes N2 coastal road decision
09 May 2013Response to SA National Consumer Union’s accusation of credit evasion

23 April 2013Notice to the public: Roadworks on N2 section between Kokstad and Harding
21 April 2013
SANRAL denies it has proposed tolling new roads
16 April 2013N1-N2 Winelands improvements will benefit Western Cape communities
12 April 2013E-toll concessions and reductions will ensure that motorists save
11 April 2013
Commencement date for E-tolling
11 April 2013N1/N2 Winelands Statement

28 March 2013
27 March 2013
City should not stop roads agency fulfilling mandate
25 March 2013
22 March 2013
19 March 2013

20 Feb 2013
Annual Toll Tariff adjustments
13 Feb 2013Media haven't taken the high road in e-toll debate
13 Feb 2013State, courts not ganging up against people

30 Jan 2013Safety greatly boosted by N1/N12 interchange upgrade

20 Des 2012Cyber-attack on e-toll website foiled
12 Des 2012SANRAL revs up construction work to finish Chota Motala Road Interchange before year-end
11 Des 2012Stanford Interchange on N2 near Port Elizabeth in Eastern Cape fully repaired and open to traffic
06 Des 2012SANRAL Imbizo benefits yet another charity organisation this year

30 Nov 2012SANRAL restores link between Grahamstown and Port Elizabeth
07 Nov 2012SANRAL demonstrates e-toll system operations

26 Oct 2012Inter-Ministerial Committee on Gauteng Freeway Improvement Project
22 Oct 2012National road infrastructure damages in the Eastern Cape due to rain
22 Oct 2012SANRAL to install night vision cameras to catch rock throwing culprits
17 Oct 2012No illicit deal was signed between OUTA and SANRAL
03 Oct 2012SANRAL maintains spotless financial records for another year

20 Sept 2012Government welcomes Constitutional Court’s ruling
03 Sept 2012Another SANRAL bridge nominated for prestigious award

28 Aug 2012Roadworks on N7 between Citrusdal and Cederberg intersections
24 Aug 2012Temporary closure of existing N4 between Valencia and Karino in Nelspruit
17 Aug 2012Temporary road closure on N1 southbound
08 Aug 2012SANRAL launches HIV-Aids awareness programme for roads construction workers
01 Aug2012Temporary closures of the N14 at Kakamas

04 July 2012Independent study shows improvement in Joburg traffic due to GFIP upgrades

13 June 2012Temporary lane closures on the M1 Northbound
08 June 2012The Marlboro interchange on-ramp on the M1 Northbound will be closed on the 11th and 12th June 2012
06 June 2012The Marlboro Interchange on-ramp on the M1 Northbound will be closed on the 7th and 11th June 2012

29 May 2012Temporary closure of Marlboro Interchange on-ramp on M1 Southbound
10 May 2012Temporary road closure on the N3 between Richmond road interchange and the Marianhill toll plaza
9 May 2012SANRAL appoints Koos Smit as Acting CEO
8 May 2012Resignation of Nazir Alli, chief executive officer

24 April 2012New terms and conditions for people and organisations who register with SANRAL
18 April 2012Public gets ready for e-tolling on 30 April
17 April 2012Uneven road surface on N1 14th Avenue to Buccleuch Interchanges
17 April 2012Sanral alerts public of hoax calls
16 April 2012Further Sanral response on alternate user tariff
15 April 2012Sanral statement on Government Gazette of Friday 13 April 2012
13 April 2012Live testing of the Gauteng e-toll billing system launched
12 April 2012SANRAL attends conciliation with DA regarding existing terms and conditions
11 April 2012SANRAL to issue revised e-toll terms and conditions
05 April 2012Stories about impounding of vehicles over toll fees just not true
04 April 2012Road works on the R27
03 April 2012Road users not obligated to buy an e-tag
03 April 2012E-tag transaction tests commence in Gauteng

30 March 2012Sanral re-commences construction work on Route 2 section 27
28 March 2012Current status of N14/3 – Orange river bridge at Kakamas
17 March 2012Emergency lane closure on the M1 South between the Woodmead and Marlboro interchanges
16 March 2012Sanral conducts construction work on N2 section 26 - Umdloti interchange to Tongaat toll plaza
8 March 2012Leaders should lead, not mislead, on e-toll bank account issue, says SANRAL

23 Feb 2012Sanral undertakes construction work on R35 between Amersfoort and Morgenzon
22 Feb 2012Sanral undertakes periodic maintenance work on the N8 between Kimberley and Alexanderfontein
09 Feb 2012Temporary closure of N14 bridge at Kakamas
09 Feb 2012Temporary road closure on N2 northbound at Umgeni road interchange
08 Feb 2012Lane closures on the N1 North between Rigel avenue and Garsfontein intechanges
08 Feb 2012SANRAL undertakes urgent repairs to Hertzhog Bridge
08 Feb 2012Sanral commences slope stabilisation works on the national route N9 near Graaff-Reinet
08 Feb 2012Sanral commences major work on N6 and N2 routes in Eastern Cape
06 Feb 2012Work on the N2/Ballito Interchange at a temporary standstill
03 Feb 2012Sanral commences N2 route upgrade from Mount Aylif to Kzn border at Brookes Nek
30 Jan 2012SANRAL: Zero truth in latest e-toll roadblock hoax
17 Jan 2012E-toll terms and conditions not unfair or illegal

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