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GFIP Toll Tariff and Discount structure Announcement

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04 FEBRUARY 2011

Pretoria, 4 February 2011 - The South African National Roads Agency Limited (SANRAL) has today announced the toll tariffs for the 185km of the Gauteng Freeway network – also as the e-toll network. “The fee structure will include discounts for off-peak travel, e-tag users, frequent users and qualifying public transport operators,” said SANRAL CEO, Nazir Alli.

Toll fees on the multi-lane free-flowing Gauteng Freeway Improvement Project, known as the open road toll system, will be collected through a series of overhead toll points (gantries). “These gantries are fitted with toll collection equipment that will recognise the electronic transponder (e-tag) in a vehicle and/or the vehicle number plate. Toll will be deducted from a user’s registered e-toll account associated with the vehicle and the user will be able to travel without any disruptions,” said Alli.

Each time a vehicle passes underneath a gantry, toll is charged. The cost per gantry is determined by the kilometer distance which the toll point/gantry represents. The toll tariff is calculated by multiplying this distance, represented by the toll point, with the cents per kilometre rate. On this network a directional toll strategy has been implemented. This means that at any one specific position, only one direction of the route is tolled.

“The practical implications of this toll strategy are that, in some instances road users might travel on the tolled route, but exit the system, before passing a gantry (toll point), which would mean a ‘free ride’. But, on the return trip, the road user might pass a gantry (toll point) for which they will be charged, thus balancing the cost. Some road users might enter the system just for a short distance, before a gantry (toll point) and the full gantry (toll point) cost would apply, even though he/she did not travel the whole section of road. Road users may also enter the road network and exit it, without going through a tolling point at all,” said Alli.  

The following discounts are available:

  • e-toll tag discounts – 25% discount will be available for all vehicle classes.
  • Period discounts also know as time of day discounts: applicable to all vehicle classes
  • Public Transport Operator Discount: A discount of 50% will be applied to all vehicle classes, only for registered e-toll tag account holders, for trips undertaken by a public transport vehicle.
  • Frequent User Discount: This discount is only applicable for light vehicles (includes motorcycles) that are registered e-toll tag account holders, and not applicable to Public Transport Operators.

Note the period, public transport operator and frequent user discounts are in addition to the e-tag discount for qualifying road users.

To calculate their daily, weekly or monthly toll tariffs, road users can log on to http://tollcalc.sanral.co.za/  where they will have access to an easy-to-use online toll calculator.

All roads users travelling on the GFIP network will be liable for toll fees. Registration commences in the second quarter of 2011 and road users will be able to register an e-toll account in the following ways:

  • at the e-toll customer service website, www.sanral.co.za;
  • at e-toll customer service kiosks located at shopping malls;
  • at e-toll customer service centres situated along the freeway network;
  • by contacting the e-toll call centre; or
  • buying an e-tag at conveniently located retail outlets similar to the well known cellphone starter pack. .

*Editor’s note: For more detailed information on the discount structure, please refer to Annexure A below. 

Annexure A: Discount Structure

Road users are required to set up an account with SANRAL for the payment of toll fees on the GFIP e-toll network. A user may elect to have their vehicle identified by means of the Vehicle License Number (VLN) or by means of an electronic tag (e-tag). Users should, however, note that the full spectrum of applicable discounts are only available if the vehicle is fitted with a valid e-tag.

Discounts are applied per individual vehicle. A vehicle may qualify for any one or a combination of the discounts, in which case, the discounts are added together.

e-toll Tag Discounts

A 25% discount will be available for those users that register an e-toll tag account and install the e-tag in their vehicle, in order for the e-tag to be used as the identifier for the electronic toll transactions. This discount is available for all vehicle classes.A

Period Discounts

The following additional discounts (also known as “Time of Day” discounts) for the hours of the days shown below will be applied to all vehicle classes. Including motorcycles for both e-toll tag and Vehicle Licence Number (VLN) account holders.


Weekdays (Monday to Friday except statutory public holidays)

  • 05:00 to 05:59 (inclusive) = 10%
  • 06:00 to 09:59 (inclusive) = 0%
  • 10:00 to 13:59 (inclusive) = 5%
  • 14:00 to 17:59 (inclusive) = 0%
  • 18:00 to 22:59 (inclusive) = 10%
  • 23:00 to 04:59 (inclusive) = 25%

Weekends (Saturday and Sunday except statutory public holidays)

  • 18:00 to 05:59 (inclusive) = 25%
  • 06:00 to 17:59 (inclusive) = 15%

Statutory Public Holidays

  • All day – 25%

Public Transport Operator Discount

A Public Transport Discount of 50% will be applied to all vehicle classes, only for registered e-toll tag account holders, for trips undertaken by a public transport vehicle. A vehicle will qualify for this discount if it provides commuter public transport services, and has a valid public transport operating license in terms of the applicable legislation.

Public transport vehicles that qualify for the Public Transport Discount, cannot also qualify for Frequent User Discounts. However, it will qualify for the applicable “time-of-day”, weekend and public holiday, discount, as well as the e-toll tag discount.

Frequent User Discount

The following Frequent User Discounts, only for registered e-toll tag account holders, shall be applied to light vehicles (Class A1 and A2), only.

Cumulative tolls (after all discounts) for the calendar month prior to current gantry pass Discount for each gantry pass in the category*
0 – R100 0%
>R100 – R200 2,5%
>R200 – R380 7,5%
>R380 – R550 15,0%
>R550 – R700 25,0%
>R700 – R830 37,5%
>R830 – R940 45,0%
>R940 50,0%

* Frequent User Discount applied for a trip in the corresponding cost bandg

Therefore, the cost of toll during a month, from one e-toll account, will trigger different percentages of discounts in addition to any other discounts obtained, once the threshold of the next frequent user discount band is reached. All the transactions taking place in that specific discount band will therefore get the applicable discount as set out in the table above.

Non-Payment of Toll Tariff

The non-payment of Toll Tariff will result in additional costs such as, the levying of administrative fees, fines and/or prosecution in terms of applicable legislation.

Frequent User Discount, e-Toll Tag Discounts and Public Transport Discounts will be forfeited in the case of the non-payment of Toll Tariffs within the prescribed time period.n


A new volumentric vehicle classification will be implemented for the Gauteng Open Road Tolling (ORT) Project and will be applicable to all future ORT systems on the national road network.

Class Description Dimensions (volumetric measure)
A1 Motorcycles Total vehicle length < 3.0m, width < 1.3m and height < 2.5 m
A2 Light Vehicles (excluding motorcycles) Vehicle length (excluding trailer) < 6.0m and Vehicle height (excluding trailer) < 2.5m Note: Trailers with a tow bar are allowed and are excluded from the dimensions for light vehicles indicated above
B Small Heavy Vehicles (as per the specified volume and not a class A2 vehicle) Total vehicle length, inclusive of any trailer >= 6 m and < 12.5 m or Total vehicle length, inclusive of any trailer < 6 m and height >= 2.5 m
C Large Heavy Vehicles (as per the specified volume and not a class A2 vehicle) Total vehicle length, inclusive of any trailer >= 12.5 m

A user friendly toll calculator is available on tollcalc.ensightnetworks.com

How does the toll calculator calculate your toll?

You need to:

  1. STEP 1: Choose the Interchanges where you will enter and exit the Gauteng e-toll network.
  2. STEP 2: Identify your vehicle class (A1, A2, B or C), what day and time you will be travelling, and if you will be using an e-tag, or can qualify as public transport operator.
  3. STEP 3: Enter the number of journeys you will be making, and during which time periods they will take place.
  4. STEP 4: Shows the results of the calculation in terms of distance travelled, total discount and estimated toll, including discounts.

*Note: the gantry points indicated in the attached document (PDF 902KB) are referenced in the attached map (713KB).

Issued by: SANRAL
Contact: Wanda Cloete - Project Manager: Communications
T: (012) 426 6212
E: wcloete@nra.co.za  

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