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Human Resources

The role of HR is to shape the corporate culture and develop and implement best practices. In order to do this effectively, executive management promotes the core value of SANRAL of “people being the most valued assets” and translates it into real action for the benefit of colleagues.



The SANRAL HR has developed its thinking

Towards performing a strategic role within the organisation. HR partners are able to interact with peers and executives from other parts of the business and actively participate in strategic decision-making. HR partners also advise, coach and educate senior executives about how workforce issues can affect the overall performance of the business, and offer solutions that support the execution of business plans.

Employment Equity

SANRAL is truly committed to respond to the opportunities and challenges of being an administratively efficient, effective, exemplary government agency which acts responsibly and with integrity. We strive towards professional excellence in all activities within the scope of our mandate.

 A key organisational objective is to achieve a diverse workforce broadly representative of our South African population and, to provide an inclusive environment that encourages staff development through mentorship and training and self directed learning programmes.

SANRAL’S sustainability strategy.

Skills development is crucial to changing the racial nature of our economy to promote the historically disadvantaged, does not exclude minorities and enhances effectiveness of the organisation. We live in a world where business competition is more intense than ever before and SANRAL recognises the need to invest in the development of people. We provide people development systems which use practical, effective methodology and incorporate the best new research. Mentoring, coaching and skills training are imperative and key.

Colleagues are engaged in clearly defined roles. These roles add value to SANRAL on various levels and are generally focused towards a particular discipline or area of specialisation. The critical roles within clusters are centred on areas of expertise and experience. The concept of roles, as opposed to jobs, allows for self-directed learning, growth and development. All roles within SANRAL are guided by a role definition document which forms the foundation of each persons’ activities and overall contribution.