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Our History

In line with Government’s commitment to transform the public sector, The South African National Roads Agency Ltd (SANRAL) was established in April 1998 by an Act of Parliament as an independent statutory company operating along commercial lines and at arm’s length from Government.



The purpose of the company

The purpose of the company, which is registered in terms of the Companies Act – with the Minister of Transport as the sole shareholder – is to maintain and develop South Africa’s expanding national road network (currently 22 253 km) and to manage assets with a depreciated replacement value of R238 billion (excluding land).

Since the advent of democracy in South Africa

  • Government has sought to realign its public expen-diture and the financing of public services to redress the imbalances of the past.
  • Recognising the enormity of many demands on the fiscus and the advantage of constructive engagement with the private sector, SANRAL has proactively sought alter-native sources of finance for road infrastructure and opportunities to reduce dependence on tax-based revenues.

Core skills and experience in road development and management

SANRAL harnesses more than 600 person years of core skills and experience in road development and management within a highly motivated, pro-fessional and passionate team of people operating out of its Tshwane (Pretoria) head office and four regional offices located in Tshwane (Pretoria), Cape Town, Pietermaritzburg and Port Elizabeth.