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Strategic Tasks and Objectives



SANRAL’s principal tasks are to:

  • Strategically plan, design, construct, operate, rehabilitate and maintain South Africa’s national roads in order to mobilise our economy;
  • Generate revenues from the development and management of its assets;
  • Undertake research and development to en-hance the quality of life of all South African citizens, with particular emphasis on their social and economic well-being;
  • Advise the Minister of Transport on matters relating to South Africa’s roads; and
  • Finance, plan, construct, provide, operate and maintain roads in neighbouring countries upon request from the Minister of Transport and in agreement with the respective countries.

These are in line with the strategic objectives of SANRAL, as defined in its strategic vision, i.e.:

  • The management of a national road network ensuring best value for money.
  • To continuously improve the efficiency of business practices.
  • To maintain market confidence.
  • To carry out Government’s targeted programmes to better the life of all citizens.
  • Safer roads for all.
  • To work in co-operative partnership with road users, transport providers, relevant authorities and the private sector.
  • To be a good employer managing SANRAL’s business efficiently and effectively and to seek continuous improvement.
  • To achieve international best practices.
  • To encourage innovation in knowledge and practice.
  • To research, discover and excel.
  • To market our solutions to road users.