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Welcome to the web site for the SANRAL. We are committed to working with you, our customers and partners, to keep the economic “arteries” of South Africa’s economy in good condition without harm to our environment.

At SANRAL we endeavour to enhance your travel experience and improve and maintain the national road network for the social development and economic growth of South Africa.

Fraud Hotline Number - 0800 204 558

Our website is designed to assist you to find the information you are looking for about SANRAL.

Thank you for visiting the SANRAL website. Please drive safely: Arrive Alive ...

Horizon 2030
SANRAL Horizon 2030
Transformation Policy
SANRAL Transformation Policy



Gauteng Freeway Improvement Project

Factual Inaccuracies  OUTAs Report Presentation
(PPTX - 397KB)

Alternate Routes Map
(PDF - 5


Government Gazette No.39754
(PDF - 2MB)

Government Gazette Vol. 601
No. 39027
(PDF - 1MB) 



Transportlaws and related matters amendment Act (PDF 396KB)

To read more information on this project, please Click here.

GFIP Economic Analysis (PDF - 3MB)

Toll Calculator

Toll revenue scam

Extension of the grace period discount for GFIP users - Government Gazette Nr 37637

The Supreme Court ofAppeal of South Africa Judgment North Gauteng HighCourt Judgment


Road & Traffic Information

State of the Roads - Get more information on the state of the roads and other traffic information. Click here.

Toll Tariffs
Going on a trip? - Want to know approximately how much it will cost you? See the Toll Tariffs

Information for the Travellers The South African National Roads Agency Limited (SANRAL) Toll Road Concessionaires Click here. Important notice for International Travellers
Declaration of Intent 2009-2012
To view the SANRAL DOI. Click here.

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