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Manuals, Policies & Technical Specifications



Manuals & Policies

The following publications are industry related. Only the publications highlighted are available as downloadable documents. Please follow the instructions to download documents which are available electronically, or contact SANRAL to purchase the material or for a referral to the publishers.

Policy of SANRAL in respect of Unsolicited Proposals

In general, Proposals should reflect a conformance with governmental aims, be in the public interest, avoid the creation of monopolistic practices, not seek to place onerous conditions upon government, for example no explicit government guarantees will be issued, and reflect environmental, social and economic sustainability.  Read the full policy here.


  1. MANUAL & POLICIES. Read more.
  4. RESEARCH REPORTS. Read more.
  5. RRM GUIDANCE MANUAL. Read more.

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The following manuals and policies are available from SANRAL. Please follow the instructions to download documents which are available electronically, or contact SANRAL to purchase the material or for a referral to the publishers.

Description of abbreviations

  • SANRAL South African National Roads Agency Limited
  • CSRA Committee of State Road Authorities
  • CUTA Committee of Urban Transport Authorities
  • COLTO Committee of Land Transport Officials
  • COTO Committee of Transport Officials
  • FIDIC Fédération Internationale des Ingénieurs-Conseils
  • RMC Road Material Committee of COTO
  • Sabita South African Bitumen Association
  • SAACE South African Association of Consulting Engineers
  • SAICE South African Institute of Civil Engineers
  • SANS South African National Standards
  • SATCC Southern Africa Transport & Communications Commission
  • TRH Technical Recommendations for Highways
  • TMH Technical Methods for Highways
  • UTG Urban Transport Guidelines
  • LICT Labour Intensive Construction Technology