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N1/N2 Winelands Project




EIA for the proposed upgrading, maintenance and operation of the N1 and N2 National Routes in the Western Cape as Toll Roads. The proposed concession route along the N1 extends from just west of the R300 through to Sandhills. The N2 portion of the proposed toll road concession extends from just west of the R300 to Bot River.


The South African National Roads Agency Ltd


The proposed project was authorised by DEAT and a Record of Decision (RoD), was issued on 30 September 2003. The statutory appeal period closed on 30 October 2003. The Minister of Environmental Affairs and Tourism considered the appeals against the decision to authorise the proposed project. On 20 October 2005 the Minister upheld the authorisation except for the Helderberg area where the N2 would follow the existing servitude but placed in a “cut and cover tunnel” from west of the schools and houses in Helderzicht up to the Victoria Street Interchange. The Minister’s decision required further steps to be undertaken by SANRAL. The Minister’s requirements were met by SANRAL during 2006/7 with the Final Report of the “cut and cover” tunnel and its Environmental Management Plan (EMP) being submitted to the Minister in September 2007.

The Minister issued the Final Decision on the Project in February 2008 and April 2008 respectively, by providing a revised ROD for the Winelands Project..

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13 November 2008

Intent to Toll Process

SANRAL launched the Intent to Toll process in March 2008 in terms of the legal requirement. A Report on the Intent to Toll was submitted to the Minister of Transport in August 2008, which included public comments and responses.

In Government Gazette No 31422 of September the 15th, the N1 and N2 have been declared Toll Roads, as follows:

a)  The Portion of N1:
Portions of existing National Road N1: Part of Section 1, all of Section 2 and part of Section 3 from the Old Oak interchange (Section 1, km 18,9) up to km 55,15 (Section 1) and continue from km 67,15 (Section 1) to a point 810 metres to the east of Sand Hills intersection (Section 3, km 20,54), and,

b) The Portion of N2:
Portions of existing National Road N2: Section 1 and 2, from a point 1400 metres west of the R300 interchange (Section 1, km 17.5) through to a point 900 metres east of the Bot River interchange (Section 2, km 45.8) which includes a portion of R43 as well as a new road still to be constructed between the De Beers interchange (Section 1) and the foot of Sir Lowry’s Pass (Section 2),