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N2 Knysna Toll Highway




The project is carried out jointly with the Knysna Municipality to provide a highway that could reduce the volume of light and heavy vehicle traffic moving through the Central Business District (CBD) of Knysna, a situation that has a negative impact on the economy of the town. Knysna Town Council accepted that the proposed national highway construction is to be paid for by the users of the road, i.e. by means of tolls.


The South African National Roads Agency Ltd


The EIA commenced in 2005 with the appointment of independent environmental consultants Coastal & Environmental Services. Application for Authorisation for the proposed project and Plan of Study was submitted in 2005 to DEAT which they approved in April 2006. A Final Scoping Report dated May 2007 was accepted by DEAT subject to conditions stipulated in the document attached hereunder as DEAT – DECISION REGARDING THE FINAL SCOPING REPORT.

Following on the acceptance by DEAT of the Final Scoping Report and DEAT’s 

decision about the alternatives and issues that should be investigated further, SANRAL requested CES to proceed with specialist studies and writing of a draft Environmental Impact Report.

The Draft EIR was made available for public and authority review on 24 April 2009. The review period will close on 26 June 2009. A copy is attached hereunder in PDF format under ‘Read more’.

  • After closure of the comments period , CES will incorporate the comments received into a Comments Report and submit it with the Final EIR to authorities for decision making (i.e. Environmental Authorisation).
  • DEAT has 60 days to issue Environmental Authorisation.
  • CES will then notify IAPs within ten days of receiving the Environmental Authorisation.
  • IAPs are given ten days to notify the authorities of any intention to appeal against the authorization.
  • Appeals should be lodged within 30 days of submitting the notice of intent to appeal.