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National Road Network

The National Road Network in 2007 consists of over 16 000 km of roads, and 6,430 major culverts and bridges, identified for their strategic importance, with due consideration of the economic development of historically under-serviced communities particularly in rural and peri-urban areas.




To be recognised as a world leader in the provision of a superior primary road network in Southern Africa.


We are a commercially driven organisation committed to achieving its vision for the economic benefit of the southern African community through:

  • a highly motivated and professional team;
  • state-of-the-art technology;
  • proficient service providers; and
  • promoting the “user pay” principle.
Core Values
  • We will always act with integrity
  • We are committed to service excellence
  • Our people are our most valued asset
  • We subscribe to participative management
  • We will be pro-active to the needs of our customers and other stakeholders