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Safety Management




The Road Safety Management System (RSMS) provides a general overview of the processes for managing the SANRAL road network to improve safety.

By developing this RSMS, SANRAL is working towards ensuring that road safety is a central consideration in every decision made about construction, maintenance, operation and the management of its road network. As part of this RSMS, a Road Safety Strategy was developed to identify key issues and set goals.

SANRAL supports the integrated approach to road safety and believes that the disciplines of engineering, education, and enforcement (known as the Three E’s of Road Safety) each play a vital role in reducing the carnage on our roads. As a road authority, SANRAL’s primary sphere of influence is engineering. However, the RSMS allows for the facilitation of the integrated approach to road safety.

SANRAL Pedestrian Road Safety Strategy

Nearly half of the deaths that occur on South African roads are of pedestrians. This is true for other developing countries, where the percentage of pedestrian deaths is from 65-90%. There are several challenges that affect projects in this area.  Read more about the pedestrian safety strategy.

Loading Of Heavy Vehicles In South Africa

The Road Traffic Act, 1996 (Act No. 93 of 1996), and the Road Traffic Regulations made in terms of this Act determine the maximum mass limits of vehicles used on public roads. The Act also determines the powers of traffic officers regarding the enforcement of the mass limits. These mass restrictions and powers are discussed in this section.
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Incident Management Systems

One of the activities within SANRAL is the maintenance of the national road network, i.e. the Routine Road Maintenance (RRM). The Incidence Management system is done under the RRM programme and approximately 1822.34 km and 2746.28 km are covered in the Western Cape and Northern Cape respectively.
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