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Fraud Alert

SANRAL has been informed by contractors and consultants of recent attempts of fraud by anonymous persons, claiming to be SANRAL employees. Some of the recent instances are as below:

  • An individual, claiming to be a SANRAL employee calls a contractor or consultant and asks for details relating to invoices, payment certificates etc. Then the individual claims that SANRAL made an incorrect payment into the account number of the contractor/consultant and requests for a refund of the amount into an account number specified by the individual;
  • The person requests for details of all the ‘accounts’ (payment certificates) submitted to SANRAL;
  • There have been instances of demanding a payment or a deposit of funds to receive SANRAL’s tender documents;
  • We have had instances previously, where service providers are promised the award of a contract in exchange for a payment of funds;

There have been instances where an individual claiming to be a contractor/consultant’s employee, informing SANRAL that the contractor/consultant banking details have changed.

SANRAL Caution

SANRAL cautions that SANRAL will not at any time deal with payment certificates or account numbers verbally. These matters will always be dealt with by authorised staff, and in writing. Account numbers have to be confirmed by the bank and by SANRAL. This must be verified by the contractor/consultant at all times before authorising any movement of funds.

No banking detail changes will be made verbally, or by fax, e-mail or photocopies. SANRAL will not change any banking details without a letter from the banking confirming the contractor/consultant’s banking details or an original cancelled cheque. This must be confirmed by the contractor/consultant’s authorised employee on the company’s original letterhead before any changes will be made on the banking details.

SANRAL employees cannot influence the award of tenders.

Any suspicious phone call/promise/activity must be reported to SANRAL.

The fraud hotline number 0800 204 558 or e-mail would be an effective way of reporting any concerns.