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Socio-Economic Development

SANRAL actively participates in communities across South Africa. The national road network makes a vital contribution to security, safety, economic growth and social development. It influences both the cost and flexibility of our economy, and both the business and recreational opportunities of South Africa’s citizens.



In meeting the objectives of Government

SANRAL leverages its procurement process to empower people. Empowerment is the process of strengthening the capacity of individuals and communities to enable them to better the course of their lives. Economic empowerment is critical to meeting the Millennium Development Goals.

SANRAL is committed to eradicating poverty through the creation of opportunities for the engagement in productive activities by poor people, especially those residing in rural areas. This takes the form of targeted procurement of works and services, training people to become economically active and the promotion of small, medium and micro enterprises (SMMEs).

This strategy enhances the provision of basic services

Builds capacity, advances gender equity, acts as a catalyst for development in other growth areas, creates employment and develops small and medium enterprises which alleviates poverty and improves the status of women. This brings women into the mainstream of the economy, which is particularly important in respect to unemployed rural women who are the most disadvantaged sector of our society.