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Procurement Policy

SANRAL’s targeted procurement philosophy is aimed at broad-based BEE, thus, contributing to and achieving economic growth in our country and the southern African region as a whole, by, for instance, training historically disadvantaged individuals (HDIs) to become economically active, by reducing unemployment and by stimulating growth in the small and informal sectors of our economy.



In so doing, SANRAL enhances the provision OF BASIC SERVICES

Builds capacity and acts as a catalyst for development in other growth areas, creates employment, develops small and medium enterprises, alleviates poverty and elevates the status of women.

Contracts, preceding the appointment of a management contractor through the tender process, were of the conventional ad-measure nature. In recognition of the opportunities offered to promote and develop entrepreneurs through routine road maintenance.

SANRAL revisited its contract model to produce the following performance based outcomes:

  • The main contractor operates as a management contractor.
  • Low entry barriers for small contractors are maintained.
  • There is no exploitation of small contractors.
  • 80% and more of the work is to be executed by small contractors of which 90% is to be executed by black companies.
  • Skills development and mentoring.

The procurement process for the appointment of small contractors

Is by public advertisement, prequalification, adjudication and award. Specifications include the targeting of local labour and women, thereby enhancing the principles of the Reconstruction and Development Programme. Project Liaison Committees (PLCs), comprising of members from SANRAL the engineering concern, the maim contractor and members of the local community are established on these projects in order to oversee the socio-economic requirements. The establishment of PLCs thus ensures active community involvement and smooth running of the respective contracts.

Overall objectives

To ensure efficient and a least cost, efficient, effective and uniform procurement of all services and goods, required for the proper functioning of SANRAL, whilst developing, supporting and promoting broad based black economic empowerment, small, medium and micro enterprises. To ensure the effective and uniform management and disposal of goods and assets through the supply chain management process.

This Supply Chain Management Policy and Procedure Guidelines

These guidelines shall give effect to the overall objective stated through policy and procedures. All SANRAL’s supply chain management must be done in line with the policy and procedures outlined in these guidelines. Template documents are to be designed in accordance with this manual to support the processes.

To read the entire Supply Chain Management Policy And Procedure Manual in PDF format