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Empowerment Through Community Development




A comprehensive Community Development approach has been developed and adopted by SANRAL. The ethos of Community Development has been mainstreamed in our massive Opex and Capex project rollouts on our national road network. In addition, a Special Development Programme unit has been setup within SANRAL, focusing specifically on development zones and corridors. Each of the four regions have identified a development zone/corridor within the framework of the ISRDP, referred to as Regional Development Plans. In essence the Regional Development Plans comprise community based infrastructure projects that promote integrated transport and economic development. Individual projects within these zones are prioritised through a points system.

SANRAL considers the provision of infrastructure

As a primary tool to change the lives of people for the better,“creating wealth through infrastructure”, in the provision of safe roads, improved access, as well as providing job creation and other economic and training opportunities. Projects are identified in phase 1 through specialized systems like the Pavement Management System or by Regions – project managers, special requests and in cooperation with other spheres of Government. An initial assessment is done to determine the need and viability of identified projects in the Special Development Programme. Once prioritized an Empowerment Impact Assessment is done to evaluate the all aspects within the community. The empowerment impact assessment is done in a phased process. From the completed empowerment impact assessment a project scope is finalised to determine the possible targets and impacts for each project which are monitored, reported and evaluated.